Liquid Storage Container

Size: 0.8 L / 1.5L / 2.5L / 5.0 L


Marine Source Liquid Storage Container

Marine Source Liquid Storage Container have different specification which fit for filling different knid of liquid to use together with the dosing pump, All liquied storage container are container the stir pole to help to stir the liquid and make it mix better.

Midel: LSC0.8   Liquid storage capacity: 0.8L   Size(Footprint / Height)   90 X   90 /  200 MM
Midel: LSC1.5   Liquid storage capacity: 1.5L   Size(Footprint / Height) 100 X 100 / 305 MM
Midel: LSC2.5   Liquid storage capacity: 2.5L   Size(Footprint / Height) 120 X 120 / 355 MM
Midel: LSC5.0   Liquid storage capacity: 5.0L   Size(Footprint / Height) 160 X 160 / 360 MM



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