Max. size of the tank (L):35000

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Technical specifications
Item No.:500-35000L (Original item No.: 500-1-7-6)
Skimmer type:External
Size(diameter/height MM):500/2250
Max. size of the tank (L):35000
Footprint (MM): 800/680

As a professional protein skimmer manufacturer, we not only build the skimmer for the smaller aquarium tank, we also specializes in build the professional mega commercial skimmer for the big size seawater system, seafood and fish breeding and keeping project and the pond system.
Please see our below outstanding feature of our 500-35000L protein skimmer.
1 Patent Innovative two way Auto clean system :It makes the clean job effortless. With the auto clean system; there is no need to unscrew the collection chamber to clean the skimmate anymore. When you want to clean your collection chamber, what you need to do is connect a pump to the Auto-clean water inlet of the collection chamber, and then turn on the pump, and the water will splash around and rinse the inside collection chamber, the skimmate & water will run out from the draining pipe automatically.


Collection cup M 副本

 Patent Innovative two way Auto clean system feature that we release since July. 2017 

The cleaning for Central foam ascending tube and collection cup tube is separate

  • Inner central foam ascending tube cleaning system with its original salt water:
  • the salt water to cleaning the inner foam ascending tube that come from the skimmer recirculating water itself. And it do not have extra fresh water enter the skimmer to cause the change of the salinity of the aquarium system and remain stable.
  • Video 1 for Cleaning central foam ascending tube
  • Video 2 for Cleaning central foam ascending tube
  • Collection cup(Tube) cleaning system with fresh water the fresh water
  • The fresh water is come from the outside pump and the Skimmate ( dirty water) is go from the draining tube to outside so the fresh water dose not enter into the skimmer and the aquarium system, and it can make the aquarium system remain stable
  • Video for cleaning the tube of the collection cup

The traditional cleaning system is to clean the central foam ascending tube and collection cup with the fresh water at the same time. And the fresh water will enter into the aquarium system by the foam ascending tube so it will have the adverse effect on the stability and the salinity of the salt water and cause the change somehow on aquarium system

2 US imported Mazzei Injector. It can make the skimmer run high efficient and make the bubble tiny and rich.  500-1-7-6 is fit with two pieces of MAZZEI INJECTOR.
Click Here for the information and working theory & advantage of the Mazzei injector, which is introduced from Mazzei official US website.
3 Bubble plate and diffuser design:  It can make the protein skimmer run less turbulence, richer bubble and more stable..
4 60MM Water ball valve: It can adjust the water level inside the reaction chamber by the ball valve easily and it can help you collect the bubble and skimmate well.
Quality high flow pump: The skimmer pump is made of high quality material. It is combined with Mazzei injector and can work highly efficient.
6 Water draining valve design. We always care about the consumer need and the water draining valve design can make your skimmer maintain simple and effortless. When clean the reaction chamber, you can drain the inside water by open the draining valve. The inside water will flow out. It is no need to move your heavy skimmer that full of water anymore.
7 High transparent acrylic skimmer body: All our protein skimmer body is made of high transparent quality acrylic material. It is totally different with other skimmer that made of opaque material. When the skimmer is running, you can monitor its performance directly and when it has the problem occurred, you can found and solve it immediately without delay.

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