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MARINE SOURES Auto Mixer is specially designed for dosing liquid storage container. It is recommended to connect to timing switch to stir the liquid at a set time every day to make the internal liquid mix more evenly. In addition, it can also be used for mixing and stirring new mixed liquid.



Item No:LSC-0.8M

Max. capacity: 0.8L

Size(Footprint / Height): 90 * 90 / 250 MM

Item No:LSC-1.5M

Max. capacity: 1.5L

Size(Footprint / Height): 100 *100 / 335 MM

Item No:LSC-2.5M

Max. capacity: 2.5L

Size(Footprint / Height): 120 *120 / 385 MM

Item No:LSC-5.0M

Max. capacity: 5.0L

Size(Footprint / Height): 160 *160 / 390 MM



1 High-grade acrylic material is easy to clean and maintain.


2 With scale, adding liquid is more accurate and convenient.





3 Each MIXER is attached with Ca, Mg and KH labels, so that you can clearly distinguish the classified stored liquids. (You can choose whether to stick or not according to actual needs).

IMG_4860(20181115-152243) IMG_4863(20181115-153657) IMG_4864(20181115-153632)



PS: In order to reach the best performance , it is recommended to connect to the timing switch for cooperation. For example, it is set to stir regularly for ten minutes every day.

There are various national standard plugs available.

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