SP2 Needlewheel Pump

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Model No.: DEVIL  SP2
Pump power: 13W
Air intake: Max. 400L/H
Pump type: skimmer use only
Water Outlet: 20mm
Inside/outside water double use
Optimized pinwheel impeller
Venturi air intake unit
Packing Box Size: 165mm (L) 165mm (W) 140mm (H)
Products Feature:
1 it is exclusively designed for skimmer using.
2 Silent, Long lasting and lower power consumption

3 Double use for inside /outside the water.

4 It is assembled with top quality material (shaft, magnetic rotor etc.).
5 Equipped with optimized pinwheel impeller and venturi air intake unit.
The standard Devil pinwheel SP2 pump is suitable
1 For MS skimmer of pump outside model with SP2 pump            
   Such as SDP-750 & SDC-750
2 For upgrading the skimmer pump.water outlet: 20mm
3 for the hobbyist to DIY their skimmer.
   Recommended skimmer cylinder body Diameter is: 100~130mm


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