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This page is about the FAQ of our products.

If you have any problem about our products during using and this page can not help you to solve the problem after reading, welcome to contact us by email: info@marine-sources.com.


  1. what is our product packing?
    In order to protect our products from damaging at the course of the shipment and express, most of our products are pack with molded Styrofoam inside the carton.

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    With this kind of packing way, the skimmer or the reactor can fit perfectly, thereby it can reduce the possibility of being damaged when delivery.
  2. Protein skimmer FAQ and Fault finding & supporting
    FAQ 1
    Q: I try to install the external skimmer and can’t get it drawing in water?
    I put the intake line in the sump water, have the return line feeding back into it, plug it in and it seem to start working, but it doesn’t appear to work properly?
    A: For all external skimmers, the water needs to be pumped in, we can use a separate pump or gravity feed from your weir (connect the soft tube to your overflow), the protein skimmer won’t suck up by itself
    Q: What sort of flow rate should I go for in the intake pump?
    A: The flow rate should be around 1.0 to 1.5 times the display aquarium water volume.
    FAQ 2
    Q: When I installed and test My skimmer and turn on the power at the 1st time, the pump is working but it is only releasing big bubbles into the chamber. it looks like a small airstone in the back of a gold fish tank.
    A: Check your water first. The protein skimmer must be used with sea (Salt) water .Fresh water will never foam up.
    Welcome to visit us regularly, we will update more Q&A here soon…..
  3. How to choose the ideal feeder pump for your external skimmer?
    The feeder pump to the external skimmer should not be rested with the protein skimmer itself. It should be mainly decided and chosen by the total volume of your aquarium system ( Aquarium tank filtration system and the sump). Normally speaking the ideal feeder pump flow rate could be 1.5~3 times of the aquarium total liter according to the marine professor laboratory report.
    For example, if your aquarium tank is 500L, then you can choose the feeder pump with the flowrate range from 750L to 1500L.
    Please see the below information about the difference between the lower flowrate and higher flowrate
    Feeder pump
    Lower flow rate
    (1.5 times of your total aquarium Liter
    Higher flow rate
    (3 times of your total aquarium Liter
    The skimmate are dark, dense.
    It is easy to fine tune the skimmer and run it with dry bubble.
    It can skim more water volume per unit time and the water system can be fully circulated
    It skims less water volume per unit time.
    The skimmate is not so dense compared to the lower flow rate feeder pump. In most of case, the skimmer bubble is running with wet and hard to run it with dry.
    So the correct flowrate of feeder pump should be ranged from 1.5 times to 3 times of your aquarium system. Too less or higher will have a adverse effect on  your skimmer performance.
  4. How to start the operation of the MS hang on skimmer at the 1st time
    At the 1st time marine sources hang on skimmer operation, we need to remove the inside air in order to start it
    Below are two steps to start the Marine Sources hang on skimmer at the 1st time operation.
    Step 1: Fill the skimmer body with tank water first..
    Step 2 Remove the inside air to start the operation
    As with all water pumps is possible to trap air within the body, which will affect the operation and noise produced by the skimmer. To remove this air, close the air inlet by plugging the two air inlet of the silencer with the finger and then turn the pump on. The pump will now fill the skimmer and water will flow out of the outlet pipe back into the tank.
    Congratulations,  your Marine Sources hang on skimmer now is ready for use!
  5. Why is our skimmer with Hailea pump so lower power consumption?
    Why is our skimmer with Hailea pump so lower power consumption?
    Here we take the HX-6530 for example:
    The 6530 pump @ 50W is equipped with the Hailea original water normal impeller.
    The Marine Sources skimmer with 6530 pump @ 23 W is equipped with MS needle wheel impeller.
    As a skimmer pump, it must use the needle wheel impeller, We design and optimize the MS needle wheel impeller and now when we running our MS skimmer with 6530 pinwheel pump, the power consumption will reduce from original 50 W (water normal impeller) to 23W(needle wheel impeller) . It can greatly save the power consumption after improvement. So that is the meaning of  “actually power consumption”
    The MS Skimmer with 6540 pump is the same situation like the 6530 pump.  Please see the below form
                                                       Power consumption contrast form
    Original normal impeller
    MS optimized needle wheel impeller
    So from above form, we can see that after our optimized improvement on our needle wheel impeller, It can greatly save the power consumption.
  6. Why do we choose the Mazzei injector to build our mega protein skimmer?
    Our Mega commercial skimmer model 400-1-7-6 and above model are all equipped with the US imported Mazzei injector.
    Why do we choose the Mazzei injector? What is its advantage and how a Mazzei injector works? We can get the answer from below introduction, which is obtained from US Mazzei official website:
    Mazzei® Injectors are high-efficiency, Venturi-type, differential pressure injectors with internal mixing vanes. When a sufficient pressure difference exists between the inlet and outlet sides of the injector, a vacuum is created inside the injector body, which initiates suction of a liquid or gas through the suction port.
    How a Mazzei® Injector Works
    When pressurized water enters the injector inlet, it is constricted toward the injection chamber and changes into a high-velocity jet stream. The increase in velocity through the injection chamber results in a decrease in absolute pressure, creating a vacuum, thereby enabling an additive material to be drawn through the suction port and entrained into the water stream. As the jet stream is diffused toward the injector outlet, its velocity is reduced and it is reconverted into lower pressure energy.


    Mazzei Injectors operate over a wide range of pressures and require only a minimal pressure differential between the inlet and outlet sides to initiate a vacuum at the suction port. 
    Why Mazzei
    ·             Proven performance with years of expected service
    ·             No electrical connections needed
    ·             Can run dry with no problems
    ·             Safe to use as the chemicals are injected under vacuum, not pressure
    Click Here to see the detail information of our skimmer 400-1-7-6
  7. MS Double Reaction Chamber (DRC) introduction
    The model number with initial letter MS is designed with DRC system DRC is abbreviation of Double Reaction Chamber
    Click HERE to see the DRC system protein skimmer
    Marine Sources Double Reaction Chamber (DRC) design introduction

    Step 1: The water was introduced into the lower reaction chamber。The pinwheel pump break up the air into micro bubbles inside lower reaction chamber
    Step 2: The bubble enters into the upper reaction chamber via the bubble plate. The bubble plate can reduce the skimmer turbulence and make the bubble richer.
    Step 3:  The water and the bubble is further mixed under the upper reaction chamber, the clean water was go out from the outlet of upper reaction chamber and the skimate was collected to the collection cup
    The traditional single reaction chamber feature is the water inlet and outlet are located at the same chamber, the water goes out in very short time within sufficient bubble and water mix, Compared with the single reaction design, the DRC system skimmer is more efficiency and saving energy/ and it can increase the bubble contact time greatly to get the better performance under unit time

  8. How to choose the skimmer between the pump inside and outside reaction chamber design??

    if you have enough space of your sump system, we recommend that you can choose the pump outside model. our professional test result show that the pump outside reaction chamber model will perform well( air intake volume) than the pump inside model.

    Also this test result is suitable for all different brand protein skimmers. For example, for any brand skimmer, it is supposed that they are using the same pump and their size of the skimmer reaction chambers are the same, the test conclusion should be that the pump outside reaction chamber will performance will than inside reaction chamber due to their different pump layout design.

    But the pump inside model also have its great advantage, it is saving area and can fit most sump system.

    So our suggestion is: if your sump is smaller, choose the pump inside reaction chamber design model and if you have enough sump space, choose the pump outside model instead of it.

    So please make sure to check the skimmer footprint size before purchase. This is the first step to choose your ideal skimmer. Because if the footprint can not fit your sump, the skimmer will be nothing for you.

    Click HERE to choose your favorite skimmer.

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