Marine Sources Red Devil Cone(RDC) Series
Product specification
Item No.: RDC- 900
Skimmer type: Internal type
Size(diameter/height MM):160/510
Pump:Red Devil SP3
Total Air intake: Max 700L/H
Max. size of the tank (L):900
Recommended tank size: 350-900L
Footprint (MM): 310/195
MS Red Devil Cone (RDC) Series Feature:
1 Fashionable design: All MS RDC series skimmer is built with high quality RED and white pipe fittings, 
2 Super powerful performance: RDC-900 is Powered by  Devil SP3 pump(air intake: Max up to 700L/H  and its power is only 13W) 
PS: The SP-series Devil pump is especially designed for the skimmer use only and produced with the top material with the Germany standard. Click  HERE for more Devil SP-series pump information.
3  Complete standard cone reaction chamber designs- make the skimmer collects bubble smoothly and stable.
4 New Intelligent micro chip: prevent the skimmer pump from overheat to cause the damage. (updated since Nov. 2012)
5 two way to remove the waste
- Easy twisting-neck can make you remove the collection cup easily to make the cleaning.
- Design with a draining hole and it include the red draining tube and you can drain the waste directly. Of course. A draining plug is also included. When plug in. we can collect the waste within the cup.
6 Easy installation and maintenance: Every part can be easily removed and reinstalled. It makes your cleaning effortless
8 All material is made of high quality CAST ACRYLIC. And our professional laser engraving
Updated on 9th March, 2013
Other information:
Can not decide how to choose your ideal RDC series skimmer model? Click HERE to read the small tip about the difference between pump inside & outside reaction chamber.
Click  GALLERY  for Marine Sources product real working picture.
In order to let the customer to have a objective judgment on products,  most picture of this column is provided by our customer feedback. If you now are our MS products owner and want to share your experience with our aquarium hobbyist, welcome to send your aquarium and products real working picture to us. Click HERE for more information about this activity.
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