For Max. size of the tank (L): 1100 Recommended tank size: 400-1100L


Item No.: MONSKER-1100P
Skimmer type: Internal type
Size(diameter / Height): 180 / 535 MM
Pump:Red Devil DC-3000S
Air intake: Max 1100 L/H
Max. size of the tank (L): 1100
Recommended tank size: 400-1100L
Footprint (MM): 285 / 200

Products Feature
1 MONSKER Pro series is featured for its integrated open pump volute and bubble plate design it can monitor the pump and pinwheel how to start working and the working situation. And because the volute and the bubble plate is integrated, the bubble created by pinwheel will introduce to the skimmer body directly without any pressure and blockage, so the performance is better and further optimized than traditional design.

2 Equipped with new Devil DC power various flowrate water pump: DEVIL DC3000S Skimmer pump.
3 Six speed and RPM adjustable- can adjust your skimmer performance with difference six level from weak to strong.
4 Intelligent micro chip: prevent the pump from overheat to cause the damage.. When the pump ir running abnormal. For example, sands to be sucked inside the pump etc. It will stop to running automatic until the pump temperature recovery and the pump is back to the normal situation
5 10 Min. Feed mode can stop the skimmer for 10 minute when we feed the fish.
6 Pro and new-improved needle wheel impeller and Venturi air intake design for skimmer
7 Silence pump with special skimmer silencer design can keep your skimmer running silence
7 Power transformer is included. 100~240V / 50~60 Hz is all workable and it is suitable for all country.
8 Saving footprint design-DC pump inside the skimmer design is suitable for the smaller sump. We do not need to worry about the size of the sump anymore.
9 It includes the speed adjustable and feed mode controller. It makes us easier to control and monitor the skimmer running.
10 two way to remove the waste
- Easy twisting-neck can make you remove the collection cup easily to make the cleaning.
- Design with a draining hole and it include the red draining tube and you can drain the waste directly. Of course. A draining plug is also included. When plug in. we can collect the waste within the cup.
11 Easy installation and maintenance: Every part can be easily removed and reinstalled. It makes your cleaning effortless
12 All material is made of high quality CAST ACRYLIC. And our professional laser engraving machine ensures the reliable quality and accuracy of every products.
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