For Max. Size of the tank: 1600L

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Technical specification
Item No.: FBF1600
Size(diameter/height MM): 150/500
Footprint: 170*170 MM (not include the top pipe fittings)
Chamber Capacity Max.: 7 L
Water Inlet: 20 MM ( an extra connector included that can fit the soft tube of 14~18 MM)
Water outlet: 20 MM
Recommended tank:1600 L

(updated on July 2015)

Marine Sources FBF series media reactor are multi-functional. It can be used with the below suggested media
◆   Activated Carbon
◆    Phosphate Control Media
◆    Nitrate Control Media
◆    Fluidized Sand / Substrate for Bio-Filtration
◆    Sulphur De-Nitrification
◆    Desiccant Air-Drying for Ozone Systems
PS: The Marine Sources FBF series media reactor includes 2 piece of sponge. It should be placed between the inside media and the acrylic sheet in order to prolong the reactor useful time. Please check the sponge regularly and if it is serious wears please replace it with the new one.




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