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Item No.: DHO-850
Skimmer type: External Hang on type
Size(Length / width / Height MM):205 / 145 / 600
Pump:Red Devil SP2
Air intake: Max 400L/H
Max. size of the tank (L):850
Normal stocking (L): 500~850
Heavy stocking (L): 250~500
Specification updated on 12th March, 2012

Marine Sources Devil Hang on (DHO) Skimmer  feature
1 The tests have been proved that the cylinder body design is superior to the traditional squareness design. The cylinder body is better for the bubble contact time and makes the bubble richer. When the water and air mix.
2 All the MS hang on skimmer is equipped with bubble plate to enrich the bubble and reduce the turbulence.
3 MS DHO-850 hang on Skimmer is powered by Devil pinwheel pump.
4 It is easy to adjust the water level inside the skimmer compared to other traditional hang on skimmer. It can adjust the water level accurately depending on the skimmer operational situation. (no need to make the collection cup up and down to make the adjustment like other hang on skimmer. It was inconvenient and inaccurate)
5 Smooth-twist collection cup design make it easy to clean. Also all the cup is matching the drain plug and draining tube. It further make the cleaning job

Please Click  HERE to see the way to start the MS hang on skimmer at the 1st time operation.

Please click  HERE to see the picture of Marine Sources Devil Hong on Skimmer in working 

Click  GALLERY  for more Marine Sources product working picture


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