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Technical specification
Item No.: CS-200-6540
Skimmer type: Internal type
Size(diameter/height MM): 200/595
Pump: HX-6540
Power ratings/Actual power: 100W/33W
Max. size of the tank (L):1400
Water outlet: 50mm
Foot print(MM):400/300

* Click HERE for the detail of the actual power consumption.
Marine Sources Cone Skimmer Feature
1 Latest cone shape reaction chamber
2 Removable skimmer body/bubble plate design
3 Extreme performance needle wheel impellers
4 Equipped with innovative venture air intake unit
5 Smooth-twist collection cup
6 Easy removable and quiet silencers
7 Available in 2 different colors: Black and White.
8 low actual power consumption (23W/HX-6530,33W/HX-6540)
Below is MARINE SOURCES CS 09 series products photo, if you need more detail info such as the pin wheel impeller and venturi air intake etc. please refer to the professional skimmer series.
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