Calcium Media

Marine Sources Calcium Media
Calcium Media
l  Ideal material for the Calcium Reactor
l  The calcium media is composed of natural material.
l  It is suitable for all using with all kind of calcium reactor
Net Weight
3KG/ Bucket

l  please wash it before using in calcium reactor
l  It can create the balance of the natural calcium-carbonic acid for your aquarium by supplying CO2   to your calcium reactor and make a combination.

Chemical reaction

CaCO3     +   CO2     +  H2    Ca(HCO3)
Calciumcarbonate +  Carbonic acid    +  Water   →    Calciumbicarbonate

Calciumbicarbonate is easily soluble. It can be directly taken up by animals and plants and
integrated into their skeletons.
Marine Sources Calcium Reactor with Calcium Media

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