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Marine Sources Cable Box
Nowadays for the reefer there is the different aquarium equipment inside your aquarium cabinet such as the protein skimmer. Chiller .water pump ,heater. water tester and monitor & controller lighting, power socket etc. Too many electric wire not only make it in a mess, but also cause a lots of safety problem.
The Marine sources Cable box can help you to sort out the cable of your protein skimmer, Dosing pump recirculation pump, AC adaptor, Chiller, Ozonier etc inside or outside your aquarium cabinet. Besides of this, it also have the below advantage

How to use it? Please see below

1 it is made of high quality ABS material.
2 The cable box with cover can prevent the water splashing from your sump.
3 Not easy to be burned and insure the safety
4 it can keep the children / Baby or your pet to approach the power in case of the accident happens  
5 it can sort out all your wire and socket and store it within your aquarium cabinet. Everything will look neat.

Products Specification:
Products outer size: L / W / H:240 / 130 / 100 MM
Inside Spare Size: L / W / H:230 / 120 / 90 MM
Wire Entrance Size: L / W : 50 / 20~25 MM
Colour: Black / White
Besides of using in your aquarium, it also can help to use for the other tangled cables round the table/ computer/ mobile / household / electrical appliance, It all can be used and sort out by Marine Sources Cable Box, your AC adaptor and cables can all be collected in good order at any time, to avoid annoying dust. Let’s see below sample

More sample for you!


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