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Technical specifications
Item No.:B-200-2-6540
Skimmer type:External type
Size(diameter/height MM):200/1000
Rated power/actual power: 100W*2/33W*2
Max. size of the tank (L):2500
Water inlet:25mm
Water outlet: 50mm
Foot print(MM):460/330
MS Classic protein skimmer feature
New improved pin-type needle wheel impeller. Needle-wheel system with venturi enables this specially-design to produce foam formed in a more stable way. Air are mix into very fine micro bubbles, producing excellent air-water mixture, extending the pump’s useful life and minimizing vibrations. Creating the best surface area for bubble production.
Venturi air intake. It not only can increase the air intake volume greatly and enhance the skimmer efficiency, but also can keep the pump running silence.
Dual Intake inlets best for maximum skimming efficiency. Built-in ready for any device to be connected such as ozone, etc.
Smooth-twist collection cup. Smooth-twist removable collection cup  for quick and effortless cleaning. Made with top quality cast acrylic, which allows the use of ozone.
Absolutely low power consumption  The latest improved needle wheel impeller can efficiently lower the water frictional pressure in the working situation,  thereby it can reduce the pump wattage consumption to the maximum 23 Watt(Hx-6530)and 33W(Hx-6540)
* Click HERE for the detail of the actual power consumption.


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