Coral Feeding Protective Cover



Coral Feeding Protective Cover can prevent your coral from disturbing by fish and shrimp when feeding,

it can be used together with the Marine Sources Coral Feeding Tube by insert the tube inside to the central hole of  this Coral Protective Cover so it can let your coral be feed in a safe and  private environment. it won`t leak out the coral additive.  thereby avoiding waste and reducing the water pollution



1 Provide coral with a safe and private environment for eating.

2 Prevent fish and shrimps from robbing corals of their food

3 it is more convenient to clean coral additive residue.

4 acrylic transparent material is more convenient to observe coral health

5 can be used for reproduction of some corals.


The package contains MARINE SOURCES stickers, which we can choose to stick or not to stick.




Item No:CFC-80 

Diameter:80 MM

Height:100 MM


Item No:CFC-100 

Diameter:100 MM

Height:100 MM


Item No:CFC-120 

Diameter:120 MM

Height:120 MM


Item No:CFC-150

Diameter:150 MM

Height:120 MM