Height/ Diameter: 110/500MM
Chamber total capacity: 4.3L
Footprint:: 160/160MM
Water inlet / Outlet: 15~18 MM

Specification updated on 12th FEB, 2014

1 MS Bio pellet reactor is specially designed for the use of bio pellet. Its modified micro-hole panel design & chamber can fill any brand of bio pellet directly without adding the sponge. It can make you maintenance effortless and help to maintain your system stability.

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2 Easy twist and lock lid design can make our lid come off easily. It is also sealing well and prevents the reactor from water leakage.

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3 All our reactor is made of top quality acrylic material, with the combination of our CNC & Laser computerized technology, can make our product achieve excellent performance
Optional Accessories:
1 The MS bio pellet reactor dose not include the connecting tube. and we recommend to use our Tube to fit it. please click HERE for the detail
2 We recommended using the water flow valve to connect the inlet tube in order to better regulate the reactor. Please click HERE for our recommendation. The model WV1610 is suitable for our BRP reactor.




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